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Holiday Shopping that makes Ray Comfort cry

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AronRa to debate Ray Comfort

Discuss the AronRa vs Ray Comfort debate here.

This should be fun

Live debate! Ray Comfort vs AronRa live on Radio Paul's Radio Radio http://www.radio-paul.com/ Monday Sept, 17th 2012 @ 7:00pm Pacific, 9:00pm Central,

AronRa's promotion video

Fairfax Public Access Cox & Verizon FiOS Channel 37, Comcast 27 in Reston VA

Be a subversive and call 703-560-TALK (8255)

Indiana Wesleyan University cheapened by Kirk Cameron

A friend of WOTM Watchdog has written an open letter to Indiana Wesleyan University to oppose their decision to bestow an honor on Kirk Cameron that he isn't worthy of. You can sign the online petition to object to this poor decision.

Here is the open letter:

Dear Dr. Smith and Board of Directors:

Admittedly, I am not a spokesperson for Indiana Wesleyan University. In adulthood, I have found myself drifting further and further away from the ideals that IWU considers to be essential, and beg of you to consider my remarks with the requisite grain of salt.

The university's recent decision to include a personality such as Kirk Cameron in their niche hall of fame is both egregious and embarrassing. It is not embarrassing only to me, a graduate, but should be to those in leadership allowing for such an unmerited and cognitively untested conferring upon Cameron.

I mean, what does Stephen Hawking REALLY know after all?

Kirk, Kirk, Kirk... all knowing Kirk Cameron. I wish I could say I were joking when I present you with this. Unfortunately, nothing about Kirk Cameron is a joke.


On second thought, everything about Kirk IS a joke! And his latest "acheivement" (one might call them, certainly that "one" isn't me) is taking on renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. Kirk Cameron challanges Hawking's statement when the latter said about Judeo-Christianity's heaven, "Fairy story for people afraid of the dark."

Three Eminent Biologists and Kirk Cameron weigh in on Evolution

This picture is funny...


Ray comfort "apologizes" then thanks atheists for his fame?

His latest video entices Dawkins to a debate for $20,000.  The debate is suggested after showing a strawman that Comfort created with the help of footage featuring Ben Stein from Expelled. While Ray makes the claim that it's atheists who made him famous, I noticed he's still paying us for the attention.  Did you know he paid RRS an appearance fee for the Nightline debate?  He's willing to pay Dawkins $20,000?  Will it still be atheists that made him famous... or donations from Christians that end up in Richard Dawkins hands?  What about the purchases and donations that led to the money that RRS was given for destroying Ray and Kirk on Nightline? It would seem that if his logic was correct, than we must also assume it was Christians who supported the actions of the Rational Response Squad; if Dawkins accepts the donation/challenge (which he shouldn't), it'll be Christians financially supporting his activities for some time.  

We were alerted to this issues after reading the following blog from R. Cameron:


Ray Comfort plagiarizes his Charles Darwin introduction...

Did you expect honesty from Ray Comfort?  Shame on you!  His introduction was full of shit and had no bearing in scientific fact so it only makes sense that he'd steal a bunch of material in order to fill up his introduction.  

See our two part debunking of Ray Comforts Origin of Species introduction here and here for part 2.  

Ray Comfort stole portions of work from Dr. Stan Guffey and his "A Brief History of Charles Darwin."


Dawkins calls Ray Comfort an idiot

CNN has asked Richard Dawkins what he thinks about the new Ray Comfort addendum to Origin of Species.


And referring to U.S.-based evangelist Ray Comfort, who argues that the universe and life is the result of an intelligent creator, Dawkins said: "There is no refutation of Darwinian evolution in existence. If a refutation ever were to come about, it would come from a scientist, and not an idiot.

"Hunches aren't interesting, hunches aren't valuable. What's important is scientific evidence. It doesn't matter what mister whatever his name is, Comfort ... what his opinion is. It doesn't matter what my opinion is. What matters is evidence. And the evidence is clear. The evidence is in favor of evolution." 

See the entire story along with a video, at CNN. 


Ray Comfort is a liar

"I am amazed at the lack of coherent logic in Ray's arguments. Lets start with the basics, "If you have lied, then you are a liar". According to the dictionary, a liar is, "A person who tells lies" -Random House. "Tells lies", not "have lied". (To be fair, WordNet does define it as someone who has lied, but not MW, AH, or others.) That seems to me to be a deliberate and ongoing distortion of a fact that is repeated by Ray rather consistently. Therefore, Ray is a liar because he continually lies, (about the definition of liar) not because he has "lied".

To illustrate the idiocy of his argument, one only has to take it to the obvious conclusion. Did you ever wet your pants? (even when you were a baby?) Then you are a pants wetter. Ever get drunk? If so, you must be an alcoholic. And I don't even want to consider what the process of being born makes me! The logic just doesn't hold up. And the funny part, since he is lying to get people to believe in G-d, then he is lying in G-d's name, and is therefore committing blasphemy in the process." - David

Comment on this topic here


CNN's special on the Ray Comfort addition to Origin of Species

Ray Comfort (like many dishonest creationists before him) claims that Darwin and Hitler have an undeniable link.  With that level of honesty I might as well claim that Comfort has an undeniable link to Hitler as both of them used religion for their gain. 

Talkorigins.org has a great piece on this old tired argument that Hitler is "undeniably" linked to Darwin.  

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