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I mean, what does Stephen Hawking REALLY know after all?

Kirk, Kirk, Kirk... all knowing Kirk Cameron. I wish I could say I were joking when I present you with this. Unfortunately, nothing about Kirk Cameron is a joke.


On second thought, everything about Kirk IS a joke! And his latest "acheivement" (one might call them, certainly that "one" isn't me) is taking on renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. Kirk Cameron challanges Hawking's statement when the latter said about Judeo-Christianity's heaven, "Fairy story for people afraid of the dark."

How much would you pay for Jesus?

I've been clicking around the 'Way of the Master' website and let me just say, first off, it's simply puke-tastic! The homepage reminds me of a bad local car commercial, and I can almost hear them in the background chanting, "Sell, sell, sell!" That's what it comes down to, though, how many of their videos and altered Bibles can they sell? And they've really pulled out all the stops too: the flashy graphics, the comforting photos encountering people "just like you," the exciting sounds! They bombard you with links and advertisements to attend conferences, price reductions for books, and videos about how to "get on fire for God." They are doing exactly what I saw an anti-abortion website do not too long ago; they post anything and everything they can on the homepage with the hopes you'll find SOMETHING which appeals to you, enticing you into hidden folds within their propaganda.


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