CNN's special on the Ray Comfort addition to Origin of Species

Ray Comfort (like many dishonest creationists before him) claims that Darwin and Hitler have an undeniable link.  With that level of honesty I might as well claim that Comfort has an undeniable link to Hitler as both of them used religion for their gain. has a great piece on this old tired argument that Hitler is "undeniably" linked to Darwin.  

1. Hitler based his ideas not on Darwinism but on a "divine right" philosophy...

2. The Nazi Party in general rejected Darwinism and supported Christianity. 

3. Genocide and racism existed long before Darwin. Obviously, they did not need any contribution from Darwinism. In many instances, such as the Crusades and the Spanish conquest of Central America, religion was explicitly invoked to justify them.

4. Evolution does not promote social Darwinism or racism or eugenics.

The question isn't about a connection to Hitler or racism, the question is... does Ray posses the research skills to cross reference his work?  I believe he does,  I believe he's heard the truth.  I believe that he doesn't care about the truth as it doesn't justify his means, so he throws out the truth and peddles religion.  He peddles it alongside of lies, in fact he peddles it by lying.