Dawkins calls Ray Comfort an idiot

CNN has asked Richard Dawkins what he thinks about the new Ray Comfort addendum to Origin of Species.


And referring to U.S.-based evangelist Ray Comfort, who argues that the universe and life is the result of an intelligent creator, Dawkins said: "There is no refutation of Darwinian evolution in existence. If a refutation ever were to come about, it would come from a scientist, and not an idiot.

"Hunches aren't interesting, hunches aren't valuable. What's important is scientific evidence. It doesn't matter what mister whatever his name is, Comfort ... what his opinion is. It doesn't matter what my opinion is. What matters is evidence. And the evidence is clear. The evidence is in favor of evolution." 

See the entire story along with a video, at CNN. 



Thumbs up, Professor!

Thumbs up, Professor! Laughing