Ray comfort "apologizes" then thanks atheists for his fame?

His latest video entices Dawkins to a debate for $20,000.  The debate is suggested after showing a strawman that Comfort created with the help of footage featuring Ben Stein from Expelled. While Ray makes the claim that it's atheists who made him famous, I noticed he's still paying us for the attention.  Did you know he paid RRS an appearance fee for the Nightline debate?  He's willing to pay Dawkins $20,000?  Will it still be atheists that made him famous... or donations from Christians that end up in Richard Dawkins hands?  What about the purchases and donations that led to the money that RRS was given for destroying Ray and Kirk on Nightline? It would seem that if his logic was correct, than we must also assume it was Christians who supported the actions of the Rational Response Squad; if Dawkins accepts the donation/challenge (which he shouldn't), it'll be Christians financially supporting his activities for some time.  

We were alerted to this issues after reading the following blog from R. Cameron:


The latest Ray Comfort video here seems like Ray Comfort and his idiot sidekick Kirk Cameron are basically telling atheists that his obvious lie and pretend apology about the banana thing and subsequent attention from Atheists debunking it has made them rich and famous. Seriously, is that supposed to be a "gotcha, atheists! We used trickery and managed to fool you into making our book a number 1 best seller, outselling even your hero Dawkins book all thanks to lying, then watching you all scramble to debunk our lie...ha ha on you!"

Seriously? That's the way of the master all right, the way of the master con artist. Jeebus would be proud :) - source: blog of RC on AN