I mean, what does Stephen Hawking REALLY know after all?

Kirk, Kirk, Kirk... all knowing Kirk Cameron. I wish I could say I were joking when I present you with this. Unfortunately, nothing about Kirk Cameron is a joke.


On second thought, everything about Kirk IS a joke! And his latest "acheivement" (one might call them, certainly that "one" isn't me) is taking on renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. Kirk Cameron challanges Hawking's statement when the latter said about Judeo-Christianity's heaven, "Fairy story for people afraid of the dark."

Cameron claims that Hawking lacks the scientific knowledge and evidence and once again uses the classic naysayer line, "...nothing created everything." I can't help but wonder where the delusion ends and reality begins for Kirk. Is he not willing to understanding that NO ONE actually said 'nothing created everything' and open a high school biology text book? Or perhaps he has so bought into his belief the existance of his god that he fails to remember Hawking's extensive scientific education and awards received for his ACTUAL achievements. No, it seems he believes himself to be above all these things and instead groups brilliancy like Hawking, Dawkins, and Einstein with people like John Lennon who sang of "imagine[ing] there is no heaven." Cameron and Ray Comfort are very alike in this that they stretch what their simple 2,000-year-old book gives them and twists that into what they can apply to modern technology and science. The issue with that is soon, perhaps not today or tomorrow, but one day they and those after them will find themselves out of stories and out of lies. And most importantly, out of people who actually believe their nonsense.

They will no longer be able to convince the multitude that there is a god because, after all, look at the way a banana is shaped perfectly to the human hand. (Let's be honest though, even within his "flock", how many really bought that?) Not to mention, there will be other brilliant individuals born in decades and centuries beyond ours that will discover more information and facts about our own Earth and universe... more than we can ever imagine now! The wonderful thing and knowledge, and expirimentation, and learning is that there is no end to it. It is every evolving the way our earth did some billions of years ago. Or, as Kirk states, "from nothing". The scientists of yesterday and today will not be forgotten, yet put in a vault of knowledge built upon knowledge, and willl be remembered even if not by name for advancing what we know about physics, medicine, biololgy, and more.

So when someone like Kirk Cameron challanges the metaphysical brain of Stephen Hawking, I scoff at his attempts that I see are a plea for attention. He has been out of the limelight, and so he must make an attempt to jump back in. And cannot say that I am most brilliant or intelligent in the ways of the great scientists. Do I trust their superior intelligence? Yes, because they can know what I do not. But Hawking, in 2004, also released new information that contradicted his former statements and for that I also RESPECT him. What I do know is that science has no bias and when the ability to comprehend the new information becomes possible, it proves itself to be true without assistance. These scientists are constantly finding new ways to read that information and sharing it for the world to read.

And while my personal name may be forgotten as much as Cameron's, my confidence lies in those who will not be, and I can be a small sliver of the growing number that will not let their work disappear.