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You Get What You Give, I Suppose

I have recently found myself contemplating whether or not to make this public and, since the team here at WOTM Watchdog is completely honest with our readers (something that no person under the umbrella of Living Waters Publications can purport), have decided to release it. Perhaps with this knowledge our surprisingly closed-mouthed detractors will be better equipped to see the focal point of this effort, Way of the Master, in a clearer light.

If you happen to enlarge the provided screenshot and browse through the results, you will notice that the network location of line eleven is none other than Ray Comfort's cash cow, Living Waters Publications. Before you flood this article with comments and questions asking why I'm making such a stink about this, understand that no "stink" is being made... at least, not on our end. Let me explain.

Tract or Treat!

The origins of Halloween can be traced back to the celebration of the end of the harvest season on the old continent, but later it was imbued with ideas of convergence between the realms of the living and the dead and all sorts of other nutty ideas. Other boring historical data aside, the holiday was carried over into the United States along evil godless Irish people who were in dire need of some potato in the middle of the 19th century. As with so many other phenomena, it received the traditional americanization treatment and as of today it's a way to get the consumers moving about to buy ugly seasonal rubbish, much like many holidays.

I bet there's nothing more scary for a fundamentalist Christian than a pagan celebration such as halloween. Being exposed to non-Christian traditions will surely ruin the children's minds.

Updated Site

The WOTM Watchdog team would also like to take a moment to thank some of the many, many people that made our transition into this new site so smooth and enjoyable. Special thanks go out to the Brian Sapient, Kelly and Rook at the Rational Response Squad for their generosity in allowing us to join their network of sites, our tech guru, Gizmo, for devoting endless hours to this project and holding our hands as we learned the ropes of the new system, Timothy Clemans and David Engoliath for being great resources of knowledge and sounding boards for our ideas, and all those who have given time, energy and enthusiasm to make sure that this project was a success.

We offer a truly free service here at WOTM Watchdog and require nothing of our readers.  Thank you for your continued viewership; we hope to continue serving you well in the future. After all, "we watch Way of the Master so you don't have to."

A Rational Response?

Mark this date on your calendars.

On October the 22nd, 2007 at approximately 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time, something amazing happened. Something so incredible that, if I were not an atheist, I would be tempted to call it a miracle.

At this date and time, Todd Friel actually acted in a rational manner.

I know, I’m shocked too! And I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it with my own ears. In fact, I’m so sure that even you, our loyal readers, won’t believe me, that I’m going to supply the link. (It’s the first thing on the show, so don’t worry about searching for it.)

Playing the martyr...

As an atheist, I can pretty much expect to be on the receiving end of abuse when listening to Way of the Master Radio every afternoon. Not direct abuse, of course. Todd and Ray always seem to be a bit reticent to actually come out and bad mouth their ideological enemies. They will, of course, glibly tell you that the bible says atheists are fools and that you're going to hell.

But that's not what I want to talk about. Instead, I want to hit on an interesting trend that has been occuring on the show. As much as Todd likes to go after the atheists, it's surprising how much time he spends going after other Christians.

Just the other day Ray witnessed to a Catholic at Seton Hall, but insisted on referring to it as Satan Hall.

Todd insists that former minister and current atheist Dan Barker was a false convert. Because, of course, had he actually believed he never would have changed his mind.

Anyone who comes to the show and speaks about Jesus' teachings on love and kindness is immediately labeled a liberal with no knowledge of the real Christ.

Proselytes or Pitchmen?

I want to take a few brief moments of your time to point out something that most freethinkers are attuned to when it comes to evangelical Christians: they are buying and selling... souls. The WOTM crew does it in a very clever manner and disguises it with a false sense of concern for the eternal destination of your immortal soul but, come on, can they even demonstrate that such a "thing" or "place" exists? Of course they can't; that's where their carefully crafted, finely honed sales pitch comes into play.

A quick internet search will reveal a great deal of interesting information on the perfect sales pitch. Here is the tried and true harangue:

* Start with conviction
* Winning against negative sentiments
* Preparations are the Key to Success
* Use emotions in the sales process
* Complete focus on the customer
* Objections are buying statements
* Closing thoughts

News Mash: News illiteracy on the rise!

I've personally been off WotM for some time now, and actually find myself smiling at my podcasts directory, as I have a dozen hours of material to go through. Why I smile, I don't know. I'm weird that way.

A reader of ours sent the Watchdog crew a message concerning a recent gem in WotM news coverage. Yes, they do news. Science news when they disagree with the results, religion news, funny news, religious news, politics when they pertain to religion, etc. Inspired by this message, I decided to check the show out with my own ears. It's amazing! So let's examine the hour 2 news bit on WotM Radio on October 15th!
I can reed news reel gud

It's that time of the year again when the Nobel prizes start rolling out. Let's see how WotM's unbiased news hawks cover some items of this most exciting of ceremonies!

Ray, have you ever told a lie?

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WOTM drone shuts down my youtube account

Well that was bound to happen. After all, if you are going up against WOTM, you are bound to irritate enough people who will flag your videos and try to shut you down.

The offending video? A video that questions the motives of WOTM. They are indeed trying to silence their critics. Here's the video in question.

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