WOTM drone shuts down my youtube account

Well that was bound to happen. After all, if you are going up against WOTM, you are bound to irritate enough people who will flag your videos and try to shut you down.

The offending video? A video that questions the motives of WOTM. They are indeed trying to silence their critics. Here's the video in question.

I will of course get back on. This gives me a perfect opportunity to do a few things.

1) Finally get rid of the word "Pagan" in "THE PAGAN WOLF". I can just go as W01F from here on end. I meant to ditch the word "Pagan" for the last few months, as it confused people as whether I was an atheist or a Pagan.

2) I can do a "remake" of my "Simple counter-evangelism 101" series. Update the videos and make them more presentable. A lot of it was done with the "old school voice", which many people had difficulty to understand. Now I can update and use that 3rd generation voice.

3) It never hurts to start from scratch. A clean slate is just what the doctor ordered. Makes life a whole lot more interesting.

Youtube seems to have a problem with atheists and their freedom of speech. The rational response had a similar problem, and my first YT account suffered the same fate, Again because a video WOTM drones didn't like.

You flag my videos? So what? I'll just get a new account. It's no big gie for me. You can ban me dozens of times over, and I won't deter. It's an exercise in futility to do so. I will simply come back on.

The truth isn't pretty, and I will show the ugly.



Didn't you actually used to be a pagan?

If you look at my bio

You will see that was never the case. I played with the imagery only because of the name that was given to me.