Updated Site

The WOTM Watchdog team would also like to take a moment to thank some of the many, many people that made our transition into this new site so smooth and enjoyable. Special thanks go out to the Brian Sapient, Kelly and Rook at the Rational Response Squad for their generosity in allowing us to join their network of sites, our tech guru, Gizmo, for devoting endless hours to this project and holding our hands as we learned the ropes of the new system, Timothy Clemans and David Engoliath for being great resources of knowledge and sounding boards for our ideas, and all those who have given time, energy and enthusiasm to make sure that this project was a success.

We offer a truly free service here at WOTM Watchdog and require nothing of our readers.  Thank you for your continued viewership; we hope to continue serving you well in the future. After all, "we watch Way of the Master so you don't have to."