You Get What You Give, I Suppose

I have recently found myself contemplating whether or not to make this public and, since the team here at WOTM Watchdog is completely honest with our readers (something that no person under the umbrella of Living Waters Publications can purport), have decided to release it. Perhaps with this knowledge our surprisingly closed-mouthed detractors will be better equipped to see the focal point of this effort, Way of the Master, in a clearer light.

If you happen to enlarge the provided screenshot and browse through the results, you will notice that the network location of line eleven is none other than Ray Comfort's cash cow, Living Waters Publications. Before you flood this article with comments and questions asking why I'm making such a stink about this, understand that no "stink" is being made... at least, not on our end. Let me explain.

A little over two weeks ago, Todd lambasted Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (a rather common occurrence on WOTM Radio), for refusing to have him on the weekly Freethought Radio show to present a Christian perspective. Todd was dealt with very politely, yet firmly, and was given a completely understandable reason for the refusal: Christian radio programs are on numerous stations and the various Christian messages get plenty of airtime while freethought is still fighting for equal-time in the various public media outlets. Dan was not being selfish with his airtime, he was simply providing his target audience of ex-Christians, apostates and life-long freethinkers with the content he has been providing for several years. Listeners of Freethought Radio need not worry about shameless proselytizing for one brand of religion or another.

Way of the Master Radio runs quite a different path in its ceaseless search for a larger (and more gullible?) audience; Todd routinely invites atheists and anti-theists on the program to debate with for a few moments before he enacts his trademarked intellectual evasion in favor of addressing the conscience. I must hand it to the WOTM crew; they know what their audience wants and they certainly know how to sell their products. It's just a pity that their "product" is about as worthless as a fork would be if served with a bowl of broth.

Todd's unrestrained pleas of equal time for the opposition would be completely understandable if they were not completely one-sided. As the title to this article suggests, he's only getting what he gives.

It is blatantly obvious to the casual observer that the folks at Living Waters and Way of the Master are well aware of us, not only by the visitor report provided at the top of this page but also by the undeniable facts that they have had ministry-critical videos of ours pulled off YouTube, engage in ongoing email dialogs with our team members and have even accepted several phonecalls from me on Live radio.

As I present all of this to you, I can't help but wonder and ask: "Why would Todd be so brazen as to ask for an appearance on an freethought radio show in order to support his side if he is less than willing to acknowledge us, his most loyal listeners?"

The answer should be obvious: The folks at Way of the Master will stop at nothing to protect their audience from us and from the truth. They will never relax the mental stranglehold they have over their listeners and consumers which is why we remain vigilent in showing the ugly truth.


All I can do is pray for your salvation

I will pray for you


I know you will pray for people to accept the ludicrous belief that a human male was born to a virginal girl, and was later resurrected after suffering an horrific experience of prolonged torture, followed by an agonizing death on a wooden cross.

I send you the conscious intention that your mind will be cleared of all such delusions and that you will experience a rational awakening to the reality that our consciousness is an aspect of an intelligent universe participating in intelligently directed evolution of myriad, constantly differentiating life forms.

See: "A New Science of Life", and/or "Morphic Resonance" by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake