My statement to a Philly paper about Ray Comfort

I had a request today for a statement from the Philadelphia City Paper about the upcoming visit of WOTM to The University of Pennsylvania campus.  Here is my statement:

I am not worried about the mission to distribute revised Origin of Species books from the Way of the Master team at The University of Pennsylvania.  The students at UPENN are some of the brightest in our country. They surely have accumulated enough knowledge of the sciences at this point to see Ray Comforts destruction of The Origin of Species for what it is, a desperate attempt for attention by an ailing Christian movement as it slowly breathes it's last breaths.  I hope the students at UPENN are familiar enough with evolution and natural selection to understand that it's verified every day by scientists across the planet in numerous fields of science.  

When I was on Nightline as a counterpart to Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron I informed them on why their arguments against evolution and Darwin are dishonest and incorrect.  Before that point and since that point many other people have done the same thing.  Today Ray and Kirk continue to parrot the same dishonest statements about science that they've continued to make for the last 10 years or so.  Even after being told by scientists and people who are much more knowledgeable about science than they are, they refuse to accept the truth.  They refuse to accept the evidence of evolution, still looking for a transitional fossil, even though they've been told hundreds of times that every fossil is a transitional fossil.  They are either extremely ignorant or extremely dishonest, and since I know both men first hand, I must say I believe them to be extremely dishonest.  They aren't much more than liars for Christ, something many of us have seen in the past.  It is people like them that entices intelligent people to leave Christianity where it belongs, in the past.  I hope they decide to spend weeks at UPENN, every moment they spend in public is a moment they move us closer to a world void of irrational religious beliefs. 


It seems that the guy who I gave a statement to about Ray Comfort has written his article about the Comfort visit, I guess my comments weren't needed as they don't appear. Here is the article as written:

Just the other day, we were sitting on the front porch, sipping the brown liquor that this fascist state forces us to buy at its government-run stores, and thinking to ourselves: You know what this town needs? More crazy Christians.

Well, praise Jeebus, our prayers were answered! Ray Comfort — the pornstached evangelist best-known for making YouTubes with Kirk Cameron(who, according to our research, was on a TV show once) in which he talks about "perfectly designed fruits," something called a crocoduck and other bits ofscientifically illiterate nonsense that suggests, to people with double-digit IQs, that the world is 6,000 years old and the fossil record is a result of Noah's flood(which actually happened!) — devised a neat little plan to convince you secularists that everything you know is wrong. He asked his minions to go to 50 college campuses — including that satanic lair known as the University of Pennsylvania — on Nov. 19 and distribute free copies of the Comfort-edited version of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species. See, Darwin's work is now in the public domain, which means any jack-nozzle with a vanity press can republish it. Comfort added his own helpful introduction, which basically says that the entire book is bunk, but Genesis is literal. Science!

But future denizens of hell were not amused. All over the country, secularist groups stood ready to protest Comfort's troops. The Secular Student Alliance planned a counterattack of sorts, and even printed a bunch of pro-Darwin bookmarks to give to the students who took one of Comfort's books.Crafty! So, Comfort pulled a fast one — and moved his go-date up to Nov. 18, which totally caught the heathens unaware. Craftier! He was mighty proud of himself, too, on his blog. "Owing to our date change," he posted, "no doubt they have a lot [of bookmarks] left over." He offered to pay their printing bills, because they're going to burn for eternity anyway.

We wandered over to Penn on the 19th, not yet hipped to the fact that this thing was over and done with. But! We found a few people who were there, as the Jesus Freaks handed out their fake-Darwin books near the campus library. And no one was all that worked up about it, one way or another. Even the Christians we talked to weren't particularly fond of this Comfort guy. Says one student who runs a prayer group through Penn Students for Christ

(and who asked to remain anonymous): "I don't have any faith in Ray Comfort." 


How is every fossil a

How is every fossil a transitional fossil?

Oh Boy

They distributed hundreds of books around campus today. Everyone was really excited at first because we had no idea that the introduction was written by a creationist. Despite initial anger over the incident, I'm not too displeased, as now I have a nice copy of the origin of species (with the introduction beautifully removed).

anonymous: "How is every


"How is every fossil a transitional fossil?"

All fossils are simply the model of that time.  

Do a google search for transitional fossils.  

If you're willing to spend 30 minutes, here's the first good one I found on whales.  Notice all of the fossils are simply that years model.    

Use to research this, maybe send your findings to Ray and Kirk, let them know how ignorant or dishonest they are.