Culture Jamming

Alot of people ask me why I take WOTM's videos and corrupt them or change the meaning of them.

Well that term's got a name, it's called culture jamming.

Culture jamming is the act of transforming mass media to produce commentary about itself, using the original medium's communication method

Usually it's aimed at multi-national corporations. I modified it to aim it at cash-cow ministries like WOTM. You see, it's my way of countering their propraganda. It's not that complicated. Half the time, the preachers of these cash-cow ministries say things that anyone could manipulate in the most hilarious fashion or more importantly, can be very telling of the actual nature of the ministry being spoofed.

Just manipulating their bits, and re-arranging them and reposting them on-line, I create the means to counter their message by using their own methods against them. This saves alot of time in productivity and you can end up with a vast array of footage that can be used.

This can be applied to all their propraganda, from their booklets, tracts and videos. It's all fair in a culture war, where they try to ensnare your free mind, with their traps and deceptions.

The truth isn't pretty, I'll show you the ugly!!