Let me introduce you to my friend!

Alright, I admit it; he's not technically my friend. It would be an easy mistake for me to make because listening to a person ramble aimlessly and thoughtlessly for two solid hours each day will give you some sort of a connection, no matter how tenuous. My connection to "Mr. Mr. Todd Friel" (not a typo) is that I used to be in his shoes... except that mine were two or three sizes smaller, I don't host my own daily Christian radio talk show (nor have I ever) and I gave up my dogmatic, fundamentalist beliefs years ago. Other than that, we could be brothers (in Christ).

I can't speak authoritatively on the things that affected Todd during his formative years but I can say with some degree of certainty that he chose to follow his god, the god of the bible, based on the prevailing Christian influences around him in the Midwestern United States. Had he been born in Bucharest or Phnom Penh, he would undoubtedly not only be speaking another language but singing another theological tune. According to Todd, this has no bearing whatsoever over the legitimacy nor the accuracy of the bible and all its claims.

Now, you may be curious why I decided to devote time and attention to this man. Am I right? What could Todd Friel possibly have done to raise the hackles of this otherwise friendly atheist? I'm glad you asked:

Aside from the fact that Todd frequently spouts more contradictions that the bible itself contains, he is above all a fear monger. Todd thrives on using his righteous justification from his god to spread fear of eternal torment in a (god-created) lake of fire. I can gladly go into a long theological tirade about hell, its purpose, its derivation, location, etc. but I believe I will save that for another time. Suffice it to say, Todd thrives on instilling terror in the hearts of unbelievers; his glaring sense of moral hauteur is cloaked (poorly) behind his piety. Pitiful.

You've been introduced. Stick around for the pinata party.