Henwli is a Finnish contributor to the WOTM Watchdog team. Weighing in at 176 pounds and a dizzying 6"4', he brings some blonde nordic exotica into the mix.

Henwli got in on the Watchdog project early on. As a result of him joining in on conversations in the comments section of the early site, Former Follier promptly sent him an invite to join as a contributing member.

He advocates open conversation on all matters between here and Shangri-La, while doggedly insisting that the divisions of people enforced by beliefs are purely man-made. Having grown up in a country where the public school system includes extensive teaching on our cultural diversity and encourages a mostly unbiased look at, for example, religion, he finds items such as the brand of evangelical christianity advocated by WotM to be an interesting phenomenon.

He has been a listener of the WOTM radio show and a "fan" of their other products for years. Following the american style of McChristianity spread for years, he found himself worried how the movement to release people from the bane of free thought has inflated into its current proportions.

In addition to commenting on WOTM in acerbic and entertaining prose, Henwli managed to get all the pegs into the correct holes with the runaway hit song "youarenotamonkey.mp3". The song is a parody on the way that WOTM advocates approach scientific discussion on evolution, or anything that defies their narrow view of history. This "Monkey Song" has also been featured on the Way of the Master website and several times on their radio show.


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