Former Follier

Founder and contributing writer, Former Follier, started WOTM Watchdog on Sept. 1, 2007 and quickly started collecting copious amounts of material on the Way of the Master (WOTM) ministry and writing articles based on his findings. In less than two months' time, four others had come onboard for the same purpose and with the same goal in mind: "exposing the hypocrisies, logical fallacies, and outright lies employed by WOTM and its affiliated ministries."

Former Follier was raised in a fundamentalist Christian household, accepted Christ as his personal savior at a young age and lived his life as a Christian for more than fifteen years. Shortly after enlisting in the Army, Former began feeling a sense of "spiritual longing" and unfulfillment which drove him back to the bible; this time, he read for himself what he had been taught to believe for so long.

Upon reading the bible in search of truth, Former Follier watched the faith he had previously held so dearly crumble around him as more and more of his assumptions were decimated. The journey from devout Christian to rational atheist was not easy nor was it quick. For nearly two years he struggled through the bible in search of assurance and wisdom; instead of reaffirming his faith, it slowly slipped away from him.

Since its inception, WOTM Watchdog has been esteemed by some and reviled by others for its commitment to showing "the ugly truth." Regardless of the reaction, WOTM Watchdog guarantees that you will be forced to think and reevaluate when you engage our contributors and join our community.

In addition to showing the truth behind the lies of WOTM, this group provides a safe haven for those who may find themselves breaking free from the ties of evangelical Christianity. We can offer such support as the team members here at WOTM Watchdog range the broad spectrum of religiosity from apostate to life-long atheist. We understand the plight of religion and are more than willing to help those struggling to rid themselves of it.


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