Christian Persecution Complex is alive and well on WOTMland.

On the first hour of WOTM Radio on Tuesday, May 20th, Todd Friel made an interesting observation: The rights of Christians are being attacked. And he offered proof! Proof, I tell you! PROOF! On May 10th, in London, an anti-Scientology protestor was cited by police for the use of the word "cult" in a picket sign. Todd of the Friel People was incensed! British police are clearly violating the free speech of fine, upstanding Christians who oppose the false religion on Scientology!

Believe it or not, we here at WOTMWatchdog actually find ourselves in a rare moment of agreement with Frielly Todd, Demon Preacher of 147th St. Scientology is a dangerous cult (something it has in common with Christian fundamentalism), and the London police were indeed out of line for hassling a protestor over calling a spade a spade.

But was this a case of Christian religious freedom being supressed? Well... No. That's quite an absurd claim, as we shall see.

As far as we know, no information has been released regarding the religious beliefs of this particular protestor. What we do know is that he was working in conjunction with the internet activist group Anonymous, a loose affiliation of general internet rabble-rousers who, earlier this year, declared war on the Church of Scientology (and good on them for it). And Anonymous is in no way a Christian organization. I suspect that if Toddy Boy were to ever visit any of Anonymous's flagship websites, he would find them horribly offensive and shockingly blasphemous. Here's a taste of what he might see:

Behold the Savior, Raptor Jesus!

Yeah. Not exactly the work of the fine, upstanding Christians Mr. Friel seems to assume this particular Anonymous protestor was.

You may find the occasional Christian within Anonymous. They are the very definition of inclusiveness; by their very nature, they don't turn anyone away. They are, however, equal opportunity offenders who happily and openly mock everything, Christianity included.

So, this is not an example of the London police displaying an anti-Christian bias, as Todd would like us to think. Rather, it's a pretty clear-cut case of Christian Persecution Complex, on Todd's part. Yawn.

The question is, as it often is in the case of stupid crap said by Mr. Friel, is he being intentionally deceptive, of just ignorant? The world may never know.