The Pagan Wolf's resident techno-freak and mask enthusiast, The Pagan Wolf, has been engaged in freethought activism for close to 15 years.

Starting as a potent heckler to street-preachers in Ottawa Canada, the Wolf (or w01f, in his current incarnation), has dedicated himself to perfecting ways in which to counter the evangelical movement. It is also then he acquire the nickname "pagan wolf" after a preacher once said of him "you heckle us poor Christian Lambs, I suppose that makes you a pagan wolf!!"

With the coming of the Internet, he has haunted several Christian message boards and chat-rooms, much to the grief of the occupants. Where pranks and much information gathering led him to complex acts of activism, often warning both law enforcement and activist groups of many street-preacher's plans for harassing the general public.

His notoriarity increased when in 2006 he began his videos on Youtube, taking in years of experience into account into turning his videos into a potent tool for activism. Using his trademark masks and artificial voices, using his anynomity as a weapon of choice against those who simple just want to meddle with people's lives.

With his irreverent style, and hard biting tactics. His videos even attracted the attention of WOTM's Todd Friel on three occasions, even getting an invitation to explain himself on the show which he refused. Friel reacted by using the audio on his videos without permission, only to contribute to the exposure of the character, with Evangelical Christians commenting (and complaining) about masks and the use of TTS software.

Upon learning of, he volunteered his services and now serves as a proud member of the team, bringing both experience and wit to the already diverse group.


Email:  [email protected]