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In the beginning...

There is so much that can and will be said about Mr. Friel, our illustrious WOTM Radio host, but it must all be prefaced. This entry is meant to thoroughly explain Todd's worldview so I may better explain the divisive tenets of his Christian faith.

Let me introduce you to my friend!

Alright, I admit it; he's not technically my friend. It would be an easy mistake for me to make because listening to a person ramble aimlessly and thoughtlessly for two solid hours each day will give you some sort of a connection, no matter how tenuous. My connection to "Mr. Mr. Todd Friel" (not a typo) is that I used to be in his shoes... except that mine were two or three sizes smaller, I don't host my own daily Christian radio talk show (nor have I ever) and I gave up my dogmatic, fundamentalist beliefs years ago. Other than that, we could be brothers (in Christ).

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